St. Nicholas Health Institute


Nutritional Services

Our nutritional practice goes hand in hand with our functional medicine practice. We use food as the core and basis for revitalizing a persons biologic health. We use food as medicine. We advocate a clean food supply – as we would advocate a clean source of any medicine.

Food is not only raw fuel for our bodies, but rather, it is an integral part of being a human being! The cultural and human interactions that food has with our bodies nurishes us on many different levels.

We will advocate our patient avoid “dieting” but instead focus in on long term living and eating strategies. We often times will ask a patient what they want their doet to look like a year from now, and help them work to that goal.

As part of more aggressive strategies – we will often times take more control of food in a patient’s life, for several days, weeks, or even a few months – closely monitoring and advising what foods should be allowed in a persons diet for a period of time, often in an attempt, to regain proper biologic balance of a persons organism.

We do not have a one size fits all approach to our nutritional strategies. We instead assess and best attempt to look at a persons current health status, ethnic backgrounds, genetic types, disease states, and health problems amongst other factors; in order to properly aid them in deciding what approach to take in living a better and healthier life.